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Musical Eggs: A Musical EGGS-perience

“Musical Eggs” is a musical EGGS-perience composed and performed by Teresa Pocock. Played on a “Push 2” keyboard (and two dozen eggs). Screened at SFU Woodward’s Emerge Festival Showcase for DTES Small Arts Grant Winners. Thank you to the Vancouver

“I Am Alive” by Teresa Pocock

“I Am Alive” is the opening poem from Teresa’s new book, Pretty Amazing. It packs added punch when you know, that just a few years ago, her future was written off. But now Teresa has been “reborn” in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. And

Teresa’s Happy Dance at

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Teresa dances and celebrates as she follows and counts every supporter at Please sign Teresa’s petition at

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Teresa is power-walking to protect Human Rights for all people with disabilities!

Please sign Teresa’s petition at Teresa Power Walks: Forced into a Nursing Home at 49. Now She’s Free! Watch Teresa Pocock ‘power walk’ — and ask yourself how anyone could think she belongs in a nursing home! It is

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Toronto Central CCAC Apologizes to Teresa

CCAC Apologizes

Just two days after Teresa launched her petition the Toronto Central CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) has stepped forward with an apology. Toronto Central CCAC CEO Stacey Daub writes: Teresa I am very sorry for what has happened to

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Human Rights Should Never Be Disabled – Video

Teresa asks, Please Say Sorry

Teresa Pocock is 49 years old and has Down Syndrome. She is asking the CCAC to apologize for improperly taking away her human right to decide where she lives. She is asking the Rekai Centre to apologize for calling the

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