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Outsider Artist

by Beverly Cramp, Galleries West Magazine Republished with permission of the author Gallery Gachet, which supports marginalized artists in Vancouver, helps Teresa Pocock, an artist with Down syndrome, launch her second book. Artist-run centre Gallery Gachet was filled recently with

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Teresa Pocock at Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival, Aug 10-12, 2018

Outsider Artist uses magic markers to highlight her human rights and need for social inclusion Vancouver – “I am a self-advocate. And I speak up!” Artist Teresa Pocock uses her art and poetry to express her unique worldview— and to

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Teresa Pocock’s “Totally Amazing: Free To Be Me” Book Launch

BOOK LAUNCH & ART EVENT IN VANCOUVER, B.C. – Please join us from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, August 2nd to celebrate the launch of Teresa Pocock’s second art and poetry book: Totally Amazing: ‘Free To Be Me’ Teresa Pocock’s

Musical Eggs: A Musical EGGS-perience

“Musical Eggs” is a musical EGGS-perience composed and performed by Teresa Pocock. Played on a “Push 2” keyboard (and two dozen eggs). Screened at SFU Woodward’s Emerge Festival Showcase for DTES Small Arts Grant Winners. Thank you to the Vancouver

Butterflies in My Stomach

Please vote for Teresa’s video on Butterflies in My Stomach: The true story of a woman with Down syndrome who overcomes discrimination, and her own fears, to blossom into an artist. “Butterflies in My Stomach” is Teresa Pocock’s StoryHive

Teresa Pocock’s Artistic 

Ability is Celebrated During Canadian Down Syndrome Week!

Teresa Pocock’s “Artistic Ability” is featured in The Vancouver Foundation’s annual 2017 magazine, “Gifts of Inclusion”. This is perfect timing as November 1st to 7th is Canadian Down Syndrome Week — a week to celebrate the talents of people with

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Pretty Amazing: How I Found Myself in the Downtown Eastside

Where to buy Teresa Pocock’s book. Pretty Amazing: How I Found Myself in the Downtown Eastside is available on: (Pretty Amazing) Kindle (Pretty Amazing) Apple iBook (Pretty Amazing) (Pretty Amazing) Book Description: What does Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside look

I’m Living Proof that Ontario Goofed When They Disabled my Human Rights

I’m living proof that Ontario goofed when they disabled my human rights. Please sign my petition demanding an apology from the Ontario Government at Read the BC Civil Liberties letter to Ontario Ministry of Health re: Violation of Teresa Pocock’s Human Rights

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BCCLA writes to Ontario Ministry of Health re: Violation of Teresa Pocock’s #HumanRights

Who is willing to stand up to defend and assert the human rights of the intellectually disabled? A tragic wrong occurred when Teresa Pocock was forced into an Ontario long-term care home in 2013 against her will. Despite Teresa’s many

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“I Am Alive” by Teresa Pocock

“I Am Alive” is the opening poem from Teresa’s new book, Pretty Amazing. It packs added punch when you know, that just a few years ago, her future was written off. But now Teresa has been “reborn” in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. And